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Description:   A windows 7 gadget I built for monitoring my Minecraft Server. I was tired of having to reload a webpage or depend on other web services retrieving my server info. So I build a GS4 client from scratch! The widget runs on your desk top and provides features like, auto update/refresh of my server every 5 minutes; how many players are on; who is playing; a signal strength bar graph that displayes relative ping time from you to my server. You can launch MC right from the widget, and perform Minepedia (MC wikipedia) queries directly from the widget for finding out how to craft something without having to open another window, a manual sync button for those "gotta know now" moments. Also has an embeded RCON client I found on MC forums freely distributed. Future updates: monitoring 5 servers at a time, watching for up to 3 friends on each server and get an alert when one of them is playing. server must run "enable-query=true" is all that is needed! No webservices needed, just my gadget! UPDATE 21/May/2012: Iframe can scroll if your display is set to be higher that 100% (not reccomneded)UPDATE 21/May/2012: More Efficent Javascript, Bug fixes, better icon/imagesUPDATE 19/May/2012: Now support for REALLY HUGE URLs!

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